In big cities and small towns all across the country, local news organizations are sharing information on city council meetings, high school sports scores, local heating and cooling centers, and much more.

Local news and information is as important as ever; nothing has changed on that front. People still want to know about neighborhood crime, local road repairs and other happenings in their community.

What has changed is how people are consuming news. It’s no secret the industry has undergone a major shift over the past two decades, but the business model that keeps news organizations running hasn’t necessarily kept up with the changes.

Knowing that local news organizations are a vital part of every community, Tru Measure is proud to support the LocalMedia Association’s Business Model Accelerator.

This Local Media Association (LMA) initiative is dedicated to building a profitable model to keep local journalism and local news organizations thriving in this changing industry.

“At Tru Measure, we are all in when it comes to helping build sustainable business models for trusted, local journalism,” said Tru Measure General Manager John Hoeft. “Most of our customers are local media companies. They rely on digital advertising revenue among other things to help fund their operation, and inform, educate and service local consumers and advertisers.”

All combined, Tru Measure team members have more than 50 years experience in local media. We’ve been reporters and editors, web designers, sales reps and marketing execs. Our college degrees and first career jobs focused on local media.

We believe in this industry and we’re in it for the long haul.

“The Tru Measure platform helps local media companies demonstrate the value of digital advertising with post-click analytics, call tracking and campaign performance dashboards. As a result they are able to grow and retain digital advertisers, help local businesses thrive and build out their resources,” Hoeft said.

We’re excited to see what the future holds for local media organizations, and as such, Tru Measure has donated to LMA’s Business Accelerator Program on behalf of our customers .

The traditional model of big-business ad prices supporting local news organizations is fading. It’s time to collaborate as an industry, build sustainable revenue models that work for local markets and ensure the future of journalism.