The foundation of Tru Measure is built on the use of innovative technology. But we are more than just tech, we are a customer-service driven company grounded in, and committed to, the digital advertising ROI needs of small and midsize businesses (SMBs). A portfolio company of McClatchy, Tru Measure is a steward of SMBs that will champion their and your local online marketing success.Tru Measure engages with our reseller partners, providing guidance and expertise on your local online advertising programs. Our clients receive a complete advertising ROI solution that is customized to meet their specific business needs. Through the use of our technology, it is simple for clients to measure consumer engagement and advertising performance across all marketing campaigns – regardless of market, advertising medium, or volume of ads – without having to touch any code on their website.Our evolving product offerings are designed to demonstrate media spend value through our market-tested, leading edge technology platforms.Take a look at our Tru Products to see how we measure up.

  1. Agency begins ad placement process for client. Requests tracking numbers via Tru Measure user interface.
  2. Tru Measure provides tracking numbers to agency (to be used in the ad placment).
  3. Agency completes placement and ad begins running
  4. Ad placement is distributed throughout the web. Tru Measure captures user activity; page views, clicks, unique visitors, time on site, exit URL, phone calls, and emails.
  5. Tru Measure stores information in its database.
  6. Tru Measure Reporting Suite generates push-pull reports calculating Return On Advertising Spend.
  7. Agency uses the reports to determine the ROAS for their clients.

Christian A. Hendricks
Vice president, Interactive Media